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Portrait of a person
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I promised something different and there I am. Challenging myself to improve and go further. So I grabbed several photos of the internet of Aidan Turner. I loved his performance in the Hobbit, then watched Poldark and recently the BBC Agatha Christie adaptation of And Then There Were None. Once finished I was told to watch him in Being Human and got drawn in by the story. So I had to! I got different photos of the internet and yes, the more moody the better. The portrait went from looking like him a bit to not like him and back - it's the process I love about doing people portraits. You know when they are not right, but if you carry on eventually it does happen. I'm certainly ready now for the sittings as photos have a flatness that is hard to overcome - but I guess he will not be sitting for me to my husbands relief. If I got him right is up to the viewer but I'm now happy with it.